Welcome to Heritage!

We Are Gospel Centric in Everything We Do
The Gospel is the good news of salvation that is for every man, woman, boy, and girl. It is the truth that God loved mankind enough to send Jesus, to die on a cross, be buried and rise again on the third day. It is in this message we rest.
We Are Inherently Biblical in Everything We Do
At Heritage we stand upon the Bible as our sole authority. we believe, teach, preach and study the Bible as the very Word of God. You will find that the preaching at Heritage is verse by verse in style and we only speak where the Bible speaks.
We Are Intentionally Loving in Everything
We simply love people in the way that Jesus would. Unapologetically and on purpose.

New Here?

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We love our members at Heritage! We purposely seek to create a place that our members feel loved and welcomed and especially a place that they feel like they can grow on their journey of faith. Below are some links to help you stay connected.